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Business Saved from Insolvency

Case Study

Denise Walker’s advice helped save an environmental waste company from insolvency by structuring a successful Corporate Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) working closely with Grant Thornton.

"sometimes a set of circumstances come together that, if you are thinking commercially enough, and if you are determined enough, you can use to structure a real and practical solution for your client’s business. You have to move quickly in these situations . You have to believe in what you are doing and you should not take no for an answer. The earlier you are instructed in these types of rescue circumstances the better the outcome"

Denise was engaged by the Board of Directors of the Company to find a solution to enable the Company to continue to traded. The Company had experienced an unfortunate and exceptional substantial liability that had caused the Company’s financial foundations to crumble but the Company itself had a good/strong underlying business.By structuring the CVA and selling off certain assets the Company was able to remain trading protected from creditor pressure and was able to swiftly rebuild its financial strength.The Company came out of CVA in record time and continues to trade successfully to this day.

News & insights