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Northwest financial services veterans successfully acquire London based financial advisory business

Case Study

Long-standing clients of Glenville Walker, Derek Gawne and Lizz Ewart, have acquired Charteris Asset Management Ltd, an independent Wealth Management company specializing in financial advice. Charteris Asset Management will now form part of the CAM Wealth Group and will house its own discretionary management service as part of its offering. Derek and Lizz will operate the head office from Liverpool city centre and plan to undergo a complete re-brand this month.

Derek and Lizz look forward to growing the business both locally and across the UK and are committed to helping clients meet their investment objectives by focusing on a traditional client-centered approach.The acquisition was led by Jo Sproson, Business Law Solicitor at Glenville Walker who said “We are really pleased for Derek and Lizz. The acquisition was a lengthy process whilst we awaited approval from the Financial Conduct Authority, but we now look forward to watching Derek and Lizz grow their new venture here in the centre of Liverpool.”

Denise Walker, Group Managing Partner at Glenville Walker & Partners, commented “CAM creates a unique blend of financial advisor and discretionary fund management skills in an independent wealth management firm when such a blend of skills is only usually found in large corporate wealth management organisations. This blend of skills makes their business an attractive offering in the marketplace, and we wish them well in their future endeavors.”

Lizz Ewart, Managing Director at Porteous Capital Limited, commented “Derek and I are very grateful to have had the support of Glenville Walker, especially Jo’s tireless efforts in helping complete this acquisition. We are very excited to watch CAM grow in an ever-changing industry”.

News & insights