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GDPR Myth Busting Surgery


Do you need a couple of Anadin and a darkened room right now when it comes to GDPR compliance within your business?

Do you feel as lost in all the do's and don'ts of GDPR, as you do in choosing the most recent health food craze?

With all the 'Fake News' surrounding the recently introduced GDPR legislation and dare we say, its relationship to the ever-changing maize of Brexit, we cannot blame you! All the 'Opt In' and 'Opt Out' spam may have died down but the myths of GDPR are still very real. This misinformation is confusing many businesses and could unnecessarily expose a business to a claim with the ICO with hefty fines attached.

At Glenville Walker and Partners, we have specialist GDPR advisors, combining legal support with operational advice in association with Cyber Securities UK. This unique service focuses on issues surrounding compliance, addressing them sooner rather than later, with commercial advice that is tailored to your organisation.

Click here to book onto one of our complimentary one-to-one GDPR Myth Busting Surgeries on 29th - 30th November 2018, 8am-12pm held at Glenville Walker and Partners to talk to our team of GDPR advisors in confidence, and dispel any concerns you may have. Sessions will last a maximum of one hour per client and will be focused on your specific business needs providing real practical advice with no catch.

News & insights