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What Google’s latest breaches of GDPR rules means for every business

The Court of Appeal’s decision in Lloyd v Google LLC [2019] EWCA Civ 1599 toward the end of last year is probably the most important case every business needs to know about in relation to collecting personal data, you know, that part about giving Privacy Notices whenever data is collected from someone.

Google collected personal data from iPhone users without following the rules about giving Privacy Notices or getting consent.

Google are now being sued on behalf of the 4 million individuals whose data was wrongly collected by them. At £1,000 a head plus legal costs, £4 billion is a lot even for Google.

Every business that does not provide a Privacy Notice in precisely the right form at the right point in time is in the same place as Google. In our experience few are getting this aspect right.

The question every business has to ask itself now is, have we given a Privacy Notice in the right form, with the right words and at the right time? Are we absolutely certain about that?

In our experience in the vast majority of cases the answer is no. Even now. That means each and every customer of that business has a claim for compensation, just like the 4 million iPhone users.

If you would like your Privacy Notice checking or your wider GDPR/ Data privacy practices reviewing, then contact us.

Not only will it protect you against claims, getting GDPR right can make your business more profitable and increase customer retention.

For more information and support please contact our GDPR Specialist:

Ian Sinclair-FordGDPR Specialistian.sinclairford@glenvillewalker.comT: 0151 305 9650 | M: 07786 394 679

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