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Real Business Advice During Covid-19



Glenville Walker can help make your business resilient during Covid-19 by offering real legal and structural strategy for SME's and beyond.

We at Glenville Walker and Partners made the decision to work remotely at the beginning of this week.

We are fully geared up for remote working as we are Cloud based with full online access to our client files and so you could say that nothing has changed for us…but…

As most of you will know, we are a specialist business and commercial property law firm with a difference in that we work more closely in collaboration with other professional advisers than most other law firms. Our business partners range from restructuring specialists, corporate finance advisers, banking review consultants through to business consultants, mentors and HR advisers.

With almost lightning effect, the business world of many organisations has been decimated by the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and, as at today, it is hard for many businesses to understand what effect this pandemic will have on them and their market interactions.

What is clear to everyone, is that even if not directly affected by the pandemic, the knock-on effects of long-term social distancing requirements is having a serious detriment effect on many areas of business, although, at the same time, it is accepted that some businesses may actually thrive during this period, e.g. medical equipment manufacturers, producers of antibacterial products and also food manufacturers and supermarkets.Because of our professional relationships, we can swiftly bring together a multi-disciplinary team to help businesses to survive and to endeavour to re-establish their equilibrium as quickly as possible.

Your areas of concern may be:• Short-term cashflow problems• Contractual disputes, as many will try to extricate themselves from pre-existing contractual relationships at this time• Business restructuring requirements• Downsizing of your workforce whilst staying within the law

Your areas of opportunity may be:• Property acquisitions for those with cash to buy• Business acquisitions and consolidations as stronger players in the market may find opportunities to buy in weaker competitors• Those with competitive advantage may achieve lucrative business contracts

Our objectivesAs business law specialists, with wider connections, our objectives are to help our clients, wherever possible, to maintain and stabilise their businesses in this rapidly changing world and so, whilst we understand that you will have a lot to think about at the moment, please do not forget to pick up the phone to us if you need help, guidance or support.

We need to stick together and do what we can to help one another in the next months and the purpose of this note was to remind you that we are here to help you wherever possible.Should you wish to talk anything through with us, please contact us as follows:

Denise Walker, Head of Business Lawdenise.walker@glenvillewalker.comM: 07775 660006

Joanne Shelley, Head of Intellectual Property (an experienced business contract lawyer)joanne.shelley@glenvillewalker.comM: 07909 692 776

Chris Morris, Head of Commercial Real Estatechris.morris@glenvillewalker.comM: 07724 882592

Hazel Walker, Chief Executive Officer – Business Managerhazel.walker@glenvillewalker.comM: 07703 014 215

Please be safe in everything that you do and look after yourselves during this difficult time.

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