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Brilliant news that Joanne Shelley has joined our team at Glenville Walker and Partners, as Head of Intellectual Property.

As a former life scientist and recognised Intellectual Property (IP) specialist, Joanne is experienced in all aspects of both contentious and non-contentious IP. Joanne’s aim is to help clients to profit from their ideas and innovations, through identification, protection, development, exploitation and enforcement of their IP rights (IPRs).

An IP lawyer's role is becoming increasingly central to the development of modern businesses. Many of our clients have created innovative software and technology products that are not only integral to their own business functionality, but can also be monetised and licensed to other businesses, even onto competitors. Thus creating an extra income stream for our clients. These add ons are often very valuable and need to be protected and held in appropriate tax efficient business structures.

By working with an IP specialist, corporate finance accountants and tax accountants, corporate lawyers can provide real and helpful strategic advice to business clients.

News & insights